Lovely ice tea refreshment

FullSizeRendertea.jpgIf you are not used to the Sattvic lifestyle yet, you would be amazed by all the nice things we can make ourselves instead of using manufactured food & drinks; everything can be 100% fresh, natural, vegan or vegetarian, organic and home-made. Like this delicious summer ice tea refreshment.

It is very simple to make. First blend fresh cold water and some Matcha Green Tea Powder. Pour this in a glas with a lot of ice cubes. Then blend some organic or home made hazelnut-rice milk with honey; until you have a nice amount of foam. For the ice tea in the front-picture I used 1/3 of water and 2/3 of milk. Pour the foamy milk over the matcha with ice cubes and drink it super cold: Absolutely delicious for warm summer days!

Of course this is not a 100% natural and fresh if you use the Matcha Powder, but it is so much better than any type of ice tea that comes manufactured. And, like the Indian Chai it is a very nice, creamy & vegan substitute for (iced) coffee latte. This helps enormously to change from a ‘regular’ lifestyle to a healthy and Sattvic life. Coffee and black tea are not healthy for you, but as you can see, there FullSizeRender-40 kopie 4b.jpgare some very nice substitutes, which taste even better.

If you are looking for a super-healthy ice tea adventure, this recipe might interest you: cook some water with fresh ginger and cinnamon, like the tea on the picture. After 10 minutes let it cool off and serve with some fresh pieces of orange or lemon and honey. It has an amazing detoxing effect, it burns unnecessary body fat and tastes fantastic! Herbal ice tea is a lovely summer refreshment which suits the Sattvic lifestyle very well.




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