The message of the soul

Knowing that Yoga is a healing Lifestyle and a ticket to free health insurance is great of course. Living the Sattvic lifestyle we feel better and better every day. Yoga is healing body, mind & soul. But… what if someone gets unexpectedly very sick? What can they do according to this ancient Vedic knowledge?

First of all, you need to realize that every type of illness is a wake up call from the soul, to the mind, through the body; the Higher Energy is directly linked to your soul, they have the same energy or particles. So basically the Higher Energy wants to tell you something through your subconsciousness and it is using the -language of body symptoms- for that.

In other words: you have to ask yourself why you are getting sick!? And for some people this is causing anger or fear: ‘… so I am to be blamed for becoming sick?’ That is the ego talking. Put that aside, because it is really amazing and wondrous what this language of symptoms wants to tell us: it is a gift from the Higher Intelligence. Once you understand the message, you will be eternally grateful, because it brings you back on the path to Moksha, to love and happiness.

In an earlier blog The first three steps towards healing I explain what you can do best if you get sick. In this blog I will tell you more about this deep message of the soul. First you need to look inside of yourself, that is Jnana Yoga; knowledge of the Self. This can give perfect awareness at once.

Best thing is to listen in silence to your inner voice during meditation, but mostly the ‘aha-moment’ comes quicker than that. Only by realizing the fact that the Higher Energy wants to tell you something -to get back to love- we know with our intuition what the message of the soul is.

Most of the time we are not happy with a situation in our lives. We don’t like our work. We have a fight with our spouses. We feel useless. We have low self worthiness. We don’t love ourselves. We keep on running in life, without enjoying the moment and be at rest. We miss inner peace. We live in fear. We live an unhealthy and stressful life. We would like to be adventurous but we are stuck in a life we don’t really choose to have. We lead the life our parents wants us to live. We are angry about something that happened or did not happen in life. We regret things. We hate other people. We live constantly in negative thinking patterns; I cannot do this, or cannot do that. We miss love in our lives, etc, etc.

Many things can occur to you; take that serious. Think about the symptom. What kind of a symptom is it? In what place of the body? What does this organ for the body? Or what does this function of the body for your physical system? For example if you have constant diarrhea, something is not digested well by the body. Ask yourself: what is happening in my life that is so hard to digest? Something has to be thrown out or you have to go out of a bad situation.

If you can consider disease as a sign that helps you heal from other, bigger issues in life, then you are already on the right healing path. And even with cancer, there is a message in it. That will be very hard to accept; but there is a deep pattern of anger, resentment or disagreement in your life. Sometimes this is the effect of a mayor trauma or negative experiences in early life. This negative energy is accumulating somewhere in the body. And most of the time we carry this energy with us for many years and it is very well possible that this energy came with another person or family member in your early childhood. All kind of energy can be trapped in the chakras and those are linked to all the organs and physiological functions of the body; this way energy can cause physical symptoms.

To analyze the message of cancer, you can also look at the place in the body where the cancer is forming itself: is it in the breast? This has something to do with motherhood or maybe anger towards your own mother. Is it in the sexual organs? Then there is anger in the (ex)relationship. Is it in the stomach? Something has to be thrown out of your life, very often this concerns a person close to you. Is it in the blood? There is something not right with the flow of love in your life. Understanding the place in the body, learns us to read the message. Best thing is to do this with the intuition, not with the mind; what occurs to you first, is mostly the right answer! So there are millions of different causes of every disease; because everybody is a unique person with own personal problems.

Healing from cancer means that you are overcoming all these negative energies, which is the main goal of yoga: with Jnana Yoga we have the knowledge of the Self, we learn to reflect and recognize the problem. With Karma Yoga the negative energy is replaced with love and forgiveness.

Healing from cancer starts with forgiving yourself, the people around you and people from your past: negative energy like anger and hatred will flow off and make place for love. Then love is healing you. With Bhakti Yoga we become aware of love being the Higher Energy and you will devote your life to ‘love’. In other words: you become aware of the fact that the purpose of your life is to become pure love, in order to merge with the Higher Energy who is of pure love too; our universal dharma. Particles of the same energy attract. The reason why we exist. The forgotten truth.

When we are unaware of this fact, the Higher Intelligence makes us aware by giving us signs and symptoms; what a great gift! ‘It’ wants to invest in us!

A lot of people are unconsciously going through this proces of reaching love when they get sick. What if I would die right now? What would I like to do in life? Or who do we need to forgive before leaving this physical world? Persons who go through this process, mostly get well. This has nothing to do with the physical treatment: that can be anything.

The most important healing factor is the understanding of the message of the soul. When this is not happening, illness comes back in another form, which is happening very often with cancer; it is removed physically but the energetic message is never understood. So the Higher Energy is giving you the message again, sometimes even harder, to get back on track towards love.

The proces of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga is which heals us on a broader holistic level. And this is a very complicated process in which you have to put aside your ego and look inside yourself. That can be harsh. The truth hurts, but it is the only way to be able to deeply heal body, mind and soul. Find out: what is the message of the soul?

Reflecting on your Self and life is actually making you stronger. This form of openness can even safe your life! Listen to your inner Self in silence, the answers will come. Look for healing inside, not outside yourself.

Namasté. God bless you!!

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