Yoga is reconnecting with nature

Nature and the elements contain a lot of fresh energy; prana. Everything around us, including ourselves exist of the particles of prana, Divine love. We can feel love and see with love, through our hearts. Yoga is the only art to open the heart. We refresh the prana energy within ourselves with asanas, pranayama, meditation and the Sattvic lifestyle; this takes away the blocking negative energies, like pain and anger, which have formed walls around our hearts, so that we come closer to the love inside of us. Our Source of life, our true Self; the soul.

First there was Prana Shakti, the energy of our Mother. Then the elements came, Earth and after that life on earth with last but not least human beings. The elements are God in a more pure form, that is why they contain a lot of this energy of The Mother. By reconnecting with nature and the elements, we refresh our own prana energy; negative energy flows off and makes place for pure, beautiful, loving and Divine Energy. The exact goal of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga.

It is important to start this proces of cleaning your habits, patterns and energy, but it can be sustained by the elements. We can do that by just being in them and enjoy them: float into the water, send the water love with your heartchakra. Be in the wind, feel how it refreshes your energy with every breath and fill your lungs with prana. Feel the Earth and how she sustains you with every step you take. Treat her well. Greet the sun every day and thank for the energy she is giving to all of us. Drink fresh water. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Be thankful for Her treasures to us.

Feel how nature is giving you more and more life giving energy with every step you take, every breath you breathe and every bite you eat. Her love for you is unconditional. Being aware of that, opens your heart to be able to feel the Divine love entering your soul and karma. When you are really connected with the mind to the water, the wind, the soil and the sun, your energetic vibration is tuned into the frequency of God through the elements; love melts into love. You have to be silent, in between thoughts in Samadhi, to be able to do that; but everybody can! Just be in the moment, enjoy life and everything God is giving to us. Be happy! Happiness has the same vibration as God… the more love, the more happiness in your life, the more you come into the Divine frequency of pure bliss!


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