Yoga concerns body, mind & soul

The other day I was reading about an amazing Spiritual Festival that will take place somewhere soon these weeks. The advertisement said; ‘… And of course there will be something to do for our bodies, with great yoga lessons’. As if yoga only concerns our bodies! Yoga is so much more: of course we do all kinds of physical exercises like asanas, pranayama and even meditation is literally done by our bodies… but all these practices are influencing our mind and soul as much as our bodies! This is what the classical Vedic knowledge of 5000 years is all about! This is the forgotten science that can heal humanity.

For me personally the asanas are almost not ‘physical’ anymore; I don’t feel my body when I am practicing on the mat. It is just pure intuition… going with the flow of movements; the same  when I am Sattvic cooking as described before or even when I am writing…. the books are written through me. And the asanas are done through me… the ‘I’ or the physical body is not acting… I am just an instrument to let love stream into the world (like everybody else). And that is exactly where the asanas are meant for: to let all the fresh prana flow into our physical and energetic bodies in a way that we clean ourselves from unnecessary energies like doubt, fear, anger or attachment. Negative energies are accumulated somewhere in the body (and can cause symptoms), but with the asanas and the right breathing, we can let them flow off… into Mother Earth… she will change it into something positive again. And we are creating perfect physical, mental and energetic health!

When I do asanas I don’t prepare them with the mind before I start… I just start… the Higher Energy is leading me into the perfect asana for that day. I only feel Her energy flowing through all my chakra’s… I am only aware of the pure prana, healing me from energies that I don’t need anymore.

Yoga is an energetic cleansing, so that we become pure, we become lighter, we become love. And by being love, our particles are equal with God, who is love too. Particles with the same energy attract…. so only when we are pure love, which is ‘being in the state of yoga‘… we can melt together with the Divine Energy of God. That proces is Moksha or enlightenment; the goal of every living being, our Universal Dharma.

We leave our physical bodies behind and only our soul body of pure love is taken with us at the end of the road; so we have to make sure it is as pure as God and that is possible with the flow of giving and receiving love, with the art of yoga and living a yoga lifestyle. Is there anything ‘physical’ about that?

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