Alhamdulillah for bulgur!

FullSizeRenderbul.jpgBulgur is a very healthy choice of wheat: low in fat, high in fiber and rich in minerals. A reason for me to give it a try, though I never ate or made any dish with bulgur before. I just entered my kitchen and without any thinking I started intuitively;

First I cooked the organic bulgur. I fried (very shortly) fresh red pepper with paprika, couchette and tomatoes (these season veggies had to be eaten first). Then the ‘herb-thing’ happened to me again, and I must say: I never made anything Middle Eastern before in my life, but it definitely tasted like that. The subconscious knows everything I guess 😉 So here is what I ‘unconsciously’ did: I put some small amounts of coriander, chili, cardamom, foil, dried mint, ground cumin seed, cinnamon and Himalayan salt. After frying on a high fire, I added some water and let it steam for a while.

After a couple of minutes I added olive oil and some very small amounts of honey, organic tomato ketchup (sorry!) and soy saus. While stirring I added the bulgur and let it all rest for a while on a slow fire with the tap on. Served with some simple fresh cucumber it was very delicious!

All together this was done in just a couple of minutes, super simple and in balance with natures season veggies. It was also balanced with the right ingredients of my fridge and my wallet; I did not have to spend money on all kinds of expensive, rare ingredients like with some recipes we do. With not too much herbs, though with an Eastern ‘bite’: except for the tomato ketchup, this new dish has earned its Sattvic quality mark! I love bulgur!

‘You cannot change your future but you can change your habits. And surely your habits will change your future’. Dr. Abdul Kalam

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