Healthy vegan Sattvic cabbage & courgette dish in 10 minutes

FullSizeRender kopie 8.jpgCooking is fun, but I also like to do it as efficiently as possible. Luckily, the Sattvic lifestyle is simple. Some days we have less time, but we still want to eat a healthy and fresh home made dinner (with good energy of patience and gratefulness). In that case, I have the perfect vegan & organic dish for you: it was made in les than 10 minutes and it was really… really delicious! I hope I can remember what I’ve done, because I wasn’t planning to blog about this -very simple dinner- but I can assure you: it is definitely worth trying in your kitchen!

I boiled the red quinoa. Then I washed the veggies; courgette and cabbage. First I baked the cabbage in coconut oil and after a couple of minutes I added the courgette. Then ‘the thing’ happened in which I don’t think and let my subconscious or intuition let it take over to add the herbs. I think it was red chili from the Ashram in India, a little bit of Himalayan salt, some curry powder, ginger powder and coriander. But you might let your own intuition do the work; in that way the perfect herbs for you, for that day will be chosen for you!

After a couple of minutes I added a little bit of water. The veggies were still crispy and juicy; bake them as short as possible to maintain their prana energy. After that I added hazelnut milk and some arrow dissolved in water and let it boil for a minute or 2; that’s just it! Bon a petit! God bless you.

Ps: Safe a little bit of the sauce to put on your sandwich to work tomorrow! It tastes delicious and you’ll safe time and money to spend on eating outdoors; the real ‘Sattvic cooking’ is in perfect balance with all our (natural) resources.



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