Sattvic cooking with cheese & Patisson

Sattvic means simple, light and vegetarian. The challenge is to create intuitively a plain, natural and basic meal which contains all our needs for the day. I’ve never made two same dishes; I simply cannot repeat what I’ve done, because I am not doing it with my brain or mind, but with my heart and intuition. That is real Sattvic cooking; my subconscious will lead me to the right ingredients that my body needs that day.

This lovely dish with Patisson, took me just 25 minutes to make and it was delicious! The Pattisson is stuffed with some nice organic old cheese and after closing the cap to put it into the oven, I poured over some olive oil, Indian chili and Himalayan Salt. For the couscous I used yellow maize couscous which can also be used to make Upma. First I shortly baked some red pepper, the inside of the Patisson and some couchette, finished with fresh tomato and some kurkuma powder, curry and ginger. I’ve let the veggies steam with some water for a while and then poured in the couscous while taking the frying pan of the fire. I left the couscous to swell for 10 minutes with some fresh raisins and salt. Together with the nice and soft melted ‘cheesed’ Patisson, this made a perfect Sattvic dinner. Bon a petit!



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