Icecream or fresh organic fruit?

Today I went to my favorite organic market; what a delicious season to get the best products of high quality at a pretty low price. The peaches and nectarines looked so amazing… but still a bit expensive; 2,50 euros for just 2 peaches. So I said to the greengrocer: ‘Can you imagine that some people buy for this money 2 big ice creams with chocolate (I will not name the brand)?’ Then he said: ‘But who would eat manufactured ice-cream these days?’

I smiled, just by realizing that my favorite greengrocer and myself are living in a small unrealistic dream world, in the middle of a super busy manufactured society. ‘Culture’ is so much more important these days than ‘nature’ for the majority of humanity. Who remembers that eating a fresh, juicy peach is amazingly healthy and contains so much more prana than anything else in the world; we forgot this precious Vedic knowledge of 5000 years old.

Eating manufactured food is very unhealthy, it breaks down all the prana in our beautiful system of chakras, which are connected to our organs and all physical functions. It lowers the Divine Energy inside of us. And who realizes that just out there, in nature, we can find fruits and vegetables that are actually filling our whole system of body, mind & soul with health, Divinity and pure bliss?

For those fruits, it is necessary to grow in the elements some while, to fill themselves with prana, which they in their turn, give to us, to provide us with perfect health. Everything is related and connected. And everything is there for a beautiful and intelligent reason. Therefor it is important to eat all our vegetables en fruits as pure as possible: organic and nonGMO!

First there was prana, then the elements came, then earth came, then life came, then humans came. So the elements and nature are God in a more pure form than us; with a lot more of the life-giving energy prana. We should treasure nature with much love and care. Awareness is the number one step to a healthy living, to a Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. Namasté to Mother Earth and her unconditional love for us humans, to provide us with such precious, healthy, delicious gifts to be able to survive on this planet. And thank YOU to take steps towards conscious living by reading this blog. I wish you a great summer!

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