Shakti is Shiva’s strength

I am amazed by the amount of women who are actively ‘trying to find a man’ these days. With several dating-apps and pictures of men, which they scroll over during breaks and dinners on their cell phones. Finally they pick one guy for that week to have a date with. That is a common image today. And society supports them. Society puts pressure on them. That is why women feel more valuable with that man besides them: ‘Are you in a relationship?’ is most of the time the first or second question asked. When your highest goal is not ‘to be in a relationship’ your life is seen as a pure waste. ‘What a shame you don’t have a boyfriend’, a colleague said to me this week. And one of my friends, surprisingly got the advice of her therapist to start Internet dating: ‘Because she really wanted to have a boyfriend’.

Has anybody ever thought of the fact that all these women are purely acting on ‘desire’? According to Vedic knowledge, when there is ‘desire’, the demons come. The bad boyfriends. The struggling relationships. The violent husbands. The number one cause of human trafficking worldwide is the fact that the women think they have found ‘love’. This brings them in such a great trouble that hounds them for the rest of their lives.

It is time that we women start to fill our own tanks of love instead of trying to find it elsewhere, outside ourselves. We are the carriers of the strongest energy in the world: Prana Shakti, which is love, which is God. We carry more of God inside of us than men. Love and God energy is the strongest energy there is. Everything exists of this energy! And we women, we are pure Shakti! Why can’t we see that it should be the other way around:

‘You beg for many years for my love and I will start thinking -a little bit- about giving you my precious love. I have a responsibility to society, to our future generations to show that love is the most valuable thing there is. And I am certainly not giving it for a one-night stand or a fast, short relationship’.

This all starts with us women, with our inner value, strength and self-confidence! We give the right example of inner strength with our -example behavior- to young women and girls in society.

The story of Shiva and Shakti, the Gods of Yoga, can be explained double-hearted. She had one big desire: to marry Shiva. This was her Dharma. This was the reason why she came to earth in the form of Parvati, daughter of the Himalayas. She did not get what she wanted, so she went into the woods to do penance. After that, Shiva felt her pure prana energy, her pure love. He was impressed and came to ask for her hand.

We seem to forget in this story that Parvati did not get Shiva by wanting him. By desiring him. Shiva came to her because she reached Moksha: she melted together with the Higher Energy. This is only possible when you have overcome all forms of desire, hatred, ego and other negative characteristics that have formed patterns in your life. She overcame her desire and stopped wanting Shiva. She became her inner strength. Shakti is Shiva’s strength according to Vedic texts. So by giving her the time to overcome her bad habits and let love flow into her life, she was filled with the strongest energy of life: love or Prana Shakti. She had to become strong, powerful and pure love, to become ‘Shiva’s strength’. Only pure, unconditional love, has the smallest particles of all energy there is, it is pure light, and therefor it is the strongest energy there is in the universe: it fills all other particles which are bigger, darker and less ‘loving’. Prana Shakti is the only thing in life that is immortal… it is unchangeable… it is the only truth or Sathya.

The union of Shiva and Shakti (or Purusha and Prakriti) is a symbol of the fact that -culture- and -nature- have to be in balance: Shakti stands for culture and nature. Shiva stands for spirituality and consciousness. He is running into the woods, living as a Tapaswin, when there is no balance between culture and nature. In culture egoism and materialism are formed. Though with respect for nature and natural laws, the desire is gone. Parvati overwon her cultural desires and became one with nature during her penance: when there is balance, Shiva or spirituality comes back.

This is what is happening these modern days: it seems like spirituality (and conscious living) is completely gone and people are living by ‘what they want’. They want stuff. They want to accomplish. They want a house, a man and a child. It is all on the list. When it is not happening, they are unhappy and need therapy. Then the therapist says: ‘ have to look harder. With many dates, you have a bigger chance to get what you want’.

This is not true. You cannot get what you want by just wanting, desiring and demanding. You have to overcome the desire. Then you can fill your inner tank with love. When you are flooding with love, the right man will come to you. When you both have a lot of love, you can easily give away. You are not depending on the other person to feel happy, because you are in balance with yourself. You have reached perfect bliss, ananda, by overcoming your bad habits. This is called Karma Yoga. The knowledge of the self, of your habits and patterns and realizing them, is a very beautiful process which is called Jnana Yoga. By putting yourself in this vulnerable position of self-reflection, you become strong. You become pure Prana Shakti.

The union between Shiva and Shakti on earth stands for overcoming these inner demons. Therefor it was Parvati who received the powers of the Gods Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva and was able in her form as Ma Durga, to overcome all the demons who were torturing society: only a woman was able to rescue the universe. That is because it all started with this one energy: Prana Shakti. Then the elements came. Then Earth came. Then men and women came. It all starts with the Mother. Her energy, love, is our first existence and the strongest energy. Nowadays, during Kaliyuga, this female energy is treated badly. It has lost her value. Nobody knows about our core inner energy of Shakti anymore. That is why women have lost their value.

We women have to see, that our first concern should be overcoming inner demons or negative patterns and thoughts like ‘wanting’, ‘wishing’ or ‘desiring’. Perfect inner peace comes from the absence of those! Inner peace lies in between those thoughts, not in them.

We have to fill our tanks during meditation with prana, so that our tanks are flooding and we have no desires for ourselves but to give love to those in need. This will make us strong, filled with the strongest energy in the universe. And all these men want the wrong thing based on lust and desire. Those men need to flood with love as well. Their inner soul energy is Shakti too! Everybody’s soul energy is Shakti! They need to follow the spiritual path as well. Look at the discipline Shiva had: only when Parvati was strong enough, when she was pure strength after severe penance, he went to her. He was not looking at his own needs, but saw what was best for her; to become her own strong self again. That is unconditional love.

Therefor Shiva is seen as the perfect husband. Their story could help many women these days, to reach inner peace: focus on your own inner path of Moksha and God will place the perfect men before you. Don’t look. Don’t try to find. He will come. Just be love.

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