Your best Sattvic dinner is simpel, light and has lots of green!

FullSizeRender kopie 14.jpgAccording to old Vedic Science, Sattvic food is necessary to be able to live the Yoga Lifestyle.

It is light, vegetarian, straight from Mother Nature, green, simpel and prepared with the right energy.

This nice organic & vegan supper was made in less than 20 minutes and has blanched samphire, steamed mini potatoes, a classical green salad with tomato (dressing with spirulina) and vegan & herbs bouillon with sliced turnips. Super healthy, light and contains everything we need on a daily base.

Samphire is a very good vegetarian solution if you like the salty taste of the sea. And it is a surprisingly healthy green veggie. It contains a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals, like vitamine B, A and C. Furthermore, samphire is good for diabetics because it lowers blood sugar levels. It enhances the immune system and is good for the liver because of its antioxidant activity. It is also very good for the thyroid because of the iodine. That means that it can give you some good, light and fast energy!

The greener the veggie, the more prana it contains. The less cooked, the more prana. The yoga lifestyle teaches us that prana is our life-giving energy which keeps us healthy and strong. With raw green food, our energetic system gets a good boost to get through our busy days! Bon apetit!

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