Mother Nature’s gift

Once you are more used to the natural Sattvic yoga-living, it is possible to observe nature’s energies. You’ll be able to feel the prana when you are eating a fresh, cold, juicy orange. Then it will be unimaginable that somebody can eat or drink anything that comes from a fabric. Cola, ice-cream, coffee or pie on a sunny day on a terras, will be a torture instead of a treat. Only that fresh orange, strawberry or juicy mango can consummate your inner wish of fulfillment. By perceiving Mother Nature through her wondrous fruits she is giving to us unconditionally, you can feel the direct connection with the Higher Energy. Then you are able to feel the wonders of nature, of trees coming out of the earth, growing and keeping us alive. The wonder of water that is irreplaceable and also the sun and wind that are fulfilling the sky. Without these elements we would not be able to live. Without these elements plants are not able to grow. We are ‘God’ but the elements where there before ‘us’ humans. So the elements are God, but in a more pure form. Fruits and vegetables are a direct ‘product’ of these pure elements. Considering that, we can be more grateful of nature. We can connect with Her in another way; with respect, love and bliss. We would treat her like we would treat ‘God’ or something ‘Divine’.

Like that, it is possible to eat her fruits, bit by bit, bite by bite… enjoying the moment of her juice touching your tongue en filling your physical and energetic body with vitamins and prana. Breathing softly, with your eyes closed…. the energy of God flows into your system while consuming His gifts from Her to humanity.

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