Inner peace

“The greatest disease is the absence of peace. When the mind is peaceful, your body will be healthy. So everyone who craves for good health must pay attention to their emotions, feelings, and motives that animates them. Just as you wash clothes, you must wash your mind free from dirt every day. To cleanse your mind you should mix in good company and avoid dirt elements like falsehood, injustice, indiscipline, cruelty, hate, etc. Truth, righteousness, peace, love – these form the clean elements. If you inhale the pure air of clean elements, your mind will be free from evil viruses and bacilli, and you will be mentally sturdy and physically strong. As Swami Vivekananda said, you should have nerves of steel and muscles of iron. You must brim in hope and joy as your unshakable resolution, not display despair and dejection”. Lesson of a Vedic Teacher

Peace in the world starts with inner peace in the mind. Once you have reached the state of ‘yoga’ during your samadhi (being in between thoughts during meditation) your mind is completely empty of worldly matters and filled with joy, bliss and love. This is the end of moksha, the spiritual road to God. The state of the mind reflects itself as a mirror in our physical bodies: perfect health is reached. This does not mean that you never catch a cold or can have some sore muscles after severe asana-training. You can still experience that, but you will be able to analyse the message behind these symptoms. You can immediately understand the deeper meaning of this signal from your own subconscious and thus, God. This message is meant only for you; this is the way God will communicate with your mind your whole life. The body is also Gods, there is nothing to surrender, your whole being of body, mind & soul is God. But the mind tends to have an opinion of its own. It goes another way always: towards ego en thinking in individuality. Though this does not exist: we are all one energy of love. And to remind you of that, God is giving you signs. It is up to you to learn to read them. During your Sadhana, daily spiritual practice, you are tuning yourself into this beautiful Divine frequency of learning and self reflection, which have to be part of your strong and stable character constantly; that is the only way to love.

God bless you. Namasté.

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