Enjoy your life

The art of a beautiful and peaceful life is to enjoy every single, small moment of it. The good things and the bad things; because all experiences are meant for you to learn the pathway to love.

We are all tending to fill our minds with thoughts of desires, wishes and things we would like to do or reach in our lives. Perfect happiness lies in between those thoughts. Not in them. You cannot find happiness outside of you, or receive it from a lover or getting it from things you do. Happiness is only to be found in true inner emptiness; where the monkey mind is at rest. At that exact moment, when you think of nothing. When you are enjoying to be in that exact moment, you can find happiness. In stillness. Watching a beautiful rose in the morning sun, by the riverside. Birds are singing. Children are playing and laughing. You feel the sunshine on your morning fresh cheekbones and your heart is lighting up. You feel uplifted, light. God’s arms are lowering from the sky to lift you up with his soft breeze of perfect bliss, full of Divine unconditional love.

God bless you on this beautiful sunny day 😉

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