Mother Nature’s gift

Once you are more used to the natural Sattvic yoga-living, it is possible to observe nature’s energies. You’ll be able to feel the prana when you are eating a fresh, cold, juicy orange. Then it will be unimaginable that somebody can eat or drink anything that comes from a fabric. Cola, ice-cream, coffee or pie on a … More Mother Nature’s gift

Enjoy your life

The art of a beautiful and peaceful life is to enjoy every single, small moment of it. The good things and the bad things; because all experiences are meant for you to learn the pathway to love. We are all tending to fill our minds with thoughts of desires, wishes and things we would like … More Enjoy your life

Inner peace

“The greatest disease is the absence of peace. When the mind is peaceful, your body will be healthy. So everyone who craves for good health must pay attention to their emotions, feelings, and motives that animates them. Just as you wash clothes, you must wash your mind free from dirt every day. To cleanse your … More Inner peace