Thoughts & senses

Living in awareness starts with information that broadens our minds. This can come to us in different ways; a story told by a friend, a book, a mantra, or maybe even a film or documentary. Our brain starts to create new connections or is renewing old lost links. At that very moment the proces of Moksha is starting to make its way through the mind. It’s like an addiction: the brain wants to know more. It feels like coming home to Sathya, the real truth about our existence: the subconsciousness or our intuition is leading us back to our real Source of being.

Then, after a while, the second important step, is to put the lessons learned into practice. This might be the hardest step towards freeing the mind. Because of all the new knowledge, we would like to take some distance from maya, worldly things, to go into a deeper spiritual level. In between our thoughts, like during meditation. In a space where there is only prema and ananda.

According to old Vedic texts, this is only possible when we clean ourselves from old negative patterns and make place for love. These patterns can only be dissolved if there is some love to replace it. And this love can only flow by service to other people. Everybody is an embodiment of God, so we have to help the helpless, so that God’s body can become completely healthy. That is only possible when everybody is happy. As long as there is unhappy people, we cannot rest. We need to do service to those in need. That is the only way to God. Love has to flow: samsara. God is love and can only be reached by love.

Penance like we know of the Hindu Gods like Parvati who went into the woods to meditate and chant mantra’s, is not fully possible in times of Kaliyuga: there is so much pain and suffering in the world, that the only penance we can do, is seva or ‘unconditional helping without wanting anything in return’.

A period of time distancing yourself from maya to break through these old negative patterns with self reflection and discipline, is a very good thing to do, but then we need to start helping others. We need to act. Spirituality is not just meditating, chanting, doing yoga and being in nature. Spirituality is hard work. Discipline is the key-word. This all starts with control over our thoughts and senses. When thoughts are in line with our emotions, words and actions, we can find complete bliss according to the Bhagavad Gita. Therefor we need to control what we eat. And what we eat influences our thoughts. And thoughts become actions. Controlling our thoughts and eating habits are the first steps to be able to take off on our spiritual path, then we can take positive action to help maya. But we have to mean it: our intention and thoughts need to support our actions. We cannot do them to gain something from it in return for ourselves.

We need to be inside the world to be able to be at help, otherwise love cannot flow and we cannot shine as divine light. Though we can make sure that maya doesn’t have influence on us, by being our true authentic selves; led by our intuition. With a strong heart full of love and pure loving thoughts. This will put us in a ray of beautiful light to protect us from outside influences. And it brings us closer to love, which is our true Source, our true divine being. Only then we will be able to amalgamate with God’s love and be under his strong arm of protection. We will merge into love…

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