Sattvic living: Pumpkin Spread

Can you imagine that this super-chic organic pumpkin spread is a diner left-over? Sattvic cooking is not only very healthy, it is in complete balance with all sources and nature.

The butternut pumpkin puree is very easy to make: just cook the pumpkin with a little bit of salt, pepper, turmeric and veggie broth. When the peaces are soft enough, poor out a little bit of the water (don’t through it away, it is very nice to drink or to use it as broth for a soup or sauce) and then mash the pumpkin with a little bit of organic butter.

For dinner the puree was served with some short stir fried different green beans (in coconut oil) with fresh pepper and Himalayan salt. That’s it: simple and Sattvic. The day after, it was spread on an organic slice of bread with some cucumber, dates and nuts aside; a very healthy, light & superfood lunch! With a Sattvic lunch it is easier to concentrate on work during the day and you will feel happier inside with the energy of light products. You’ll be more flexible and you can take any problem with a smile and a lot of patience.

Sattvic cooking is not only very good for your body, mind & soul; you safe natural sources by consuming less products and you definitely spend less money!

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