The secret cause of obesity

Many people don’t know this, but most weight issues have the exact same cause. We can see a lot of persons struggle with their weight, even famous ones who battle in public. They eat only healthy food, eat less and count calories, they are running and doing all kinds off healthy activities; but they still struggle. That is because they don’t know about life’s greatest, ancient secrets and the Sattvic lifestyle.

The most ancient knowledge of health and healing the body, mind & soul comes from the classical Veda’s from India. The complete science of yoga and Ayurveda is written in those precious books of ‘Shruti’ (that which was heard). From those mystic texts we can learn that drinking alcohol and eating animal flesh are the worst thing anybody can do to his body, besides smoking and using drugs. It causes heart disease and cancer, especially the most common one; colon cancer. Heart failure and cancer are the number one and two most common causes of death world wide. That is because nobody really knows that meat and alcohol accumulate a lot of toxics and unhealthy fats in our bodies; and with all do respect, the majority of all people are eating meat or drinking alcohol every single day in their lives!

Besides hurting and damaging the body, this can cause obesity. There are more people over-weight than under-weight in the world nowadays and 30% of the entire world population is suffering from obesitas: that is because of the unhealthy lifestyles all over the world, unregarded their age, social status or gender. Even in so called ‘developing countries’ there is overweight these days. More people are dying of over-eating than humans dying of hunger. Who could have thought that 20 years ago? Dying of hunger is out of your hands or will power…. you have no control, but dying of eating happens with our full consciousness. We are doing it to ourselves as mankind by eating too much, by not controlling our senses and being uneducated about the contents of the food that we are eating and its effect on our bodies.

More and more scientific evidence is made publicly, about the effect of alcohol and meat. Official health councils are advising to eat less meat now and not to drink that so called ‘healthy glass of wine a day’. The Sattvic knowledge goes a bit further than that: to live healthy with the right weight that fits our bodies, we need to stop eating meat and drinking alcohol permanently! And this can be a great shock for everybody, like described in an earlier blog about the fact drinking alcohol became part of our normal living, like drinking water or eating vegetables. Though alcohol is even more dangerous than using hard-drugs!

Sattvic, vegetarian food fits the yoga lifestyle best and makes us light. Not only our bodies become healthier: our thoughts become ‘lighter’ too and we can feel a lot happier and blissful. Everything is energy and what we eat has energy too; we have to be more careful what and where we eat. This is all very new information for Western people, but this knowledge has been written more than 5000 years ago in Ancient India! Can you imagine?

Of course there can also exist, besides this very simple physical cause, an energetic and more complex cause for overweight; some persons live super healthy and still struggle with their weight. Then it would be advisable to analyse the obesity as a symptom; a signal from the subconscious to the mind through the body. Every symptom is a sign; and we can learn to listen to it. The type of symptom can help us analyse this deeper message of the soul. In the case of obesity it would be interesting to see what you are holding on to: this might be an emotion, a trauma, a past event or maybe a negative energy from someone around you. This energy you are holding on to is literally blowing you up! You need to let it all go! Maybe with a form of cutting the ties?

Self healing is absolutely possible; we can learn not to live by the senses or emotions, but listen to our true inner self. Real love for ourselves is living Sattvic, self conscious and disciplined… that loving lifestyle accumulates more love in our lives, so that we get bit by bit closer to our soul energy which is pure love too.

This all might sound like a strict lesson by a rigorous teacher at this moment, but I can assure you: this is FUN! You will feel so great, you will feel so amazingly happy, that ‘healthy’ becomes a way of living, which causes an absolute feeling of bliss that you cannot describe in words! It becomes part of you, like all energy you eat becomes part of your energetic body; live light, become the light.

Namasté and god bless you!

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