Yoga from The Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us about ‘yoga off the mat’ like I described before in ‘Yoga is a lifestyle‘. You can read the Bhagavad Gita in your own special way, there are no ‘goods’ and ‘bads’. Your own interpretation is the best for you at that moment. And sometimes you read a text one day completely different than another day; the information is always moving, like our lives and our bodies and everything around us, is always changing. That is called: Samsara, the wheel of moving life. We are never the same, a day is never the same, earth is never te same. Like the information of the Vedic knowledge it is intangible.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said in a television show that he was reading the whole Bhagavad Gita over and over again, sometimes 3 times a week! I personally like to just open it somewhere and then read what’s on the page. Like today randomly chapter 15 opened ‘The yoga of the supreme being’, at the exact moment I was writing the blog about the yoga lifestyle.

“The lord of Shri said: It is said that there is an eternal banyan tree with its roots growing upwards and branches downwards, whose leaves are the Vedic Hymns. One who knows this tree knows the Vedas. This tree’s branches extend downwards and spread above as a result of the three modes of nature, and the twigs are the sense objects. It also has roots growing down, bound to the furtive actions of human society. This tree’s form is not perceptible in this world. No one can understand its beginning, end, or foundation. But determinedly one must cut down this strong tree armed with the weapon of detachment. And then one must seek higher places that when achieved one must never return from but surrender to the Surpreme Personality, who is the eternal source of everything. Those who are free from pride, illusion and false attachment, those who understand the eternal, who have turned away from material desire, and are free from the dualities of joy and distress attain that eternal Kingdom.” 

The deeper message for me personally at this moment, is definitely that it is very hard to even try to describe what ‘yoga’ is. Yoga is such a profound knowledge, and in all humbleness I could not even attempt to make the effort to describe it in just a couple of words. Though it is important to share that yoga is so much more than what we do ‘on the mat’, it is almost impossible to describe ‘what it really is’. It is the inner process of cleaning yourself from negative energy, by knowledge of the real Self and fill yourself with love, which is God. This process is never the same. Everybody is unique, so everyone’s process to Moksha is different. There is no ‘one direction’; it is a complex system of various links which are intertwined and connected. Once you take one step towards the real Self, JivAtma, then all kinds of other things in life will start changing bit by bit. Sometimes even unnoticed.

Yoga is Indian Ancient Culture, it is more Vedic books than anyone has been able to read in one lifetime, it is a way of being… it is sound, the voice of God called ‘Shruti ‘ (that which was heard)… and sound overlaps all dimensions… so how can it be described in a two dimensional blog? So it might be better to just read the Bhagavad Gita yourself… and feel the words.

Open your heart, empty your mind and start reading; then your intuition, your own inner self will communicate with the energy of the intens words that roll from that wondrous paper-book into your mind. It makes the contact between your sub consciousness and the all loving Source; it creates the road to perfect love. Just feel it yourself, that is the only way.

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