Yoga is a lifestyle

When we think of ‘yoga’, we are automatically directed to an image in our mind of a person that is doing asanas on a yoga mat. That is ‘yoga’ for most people in Europe, and if you are lucky the yoga school also teaches meditation and pranayama, like in most Indian schools.

Yoga is so much more than that; it is a lifestyle. Actually you can reach a ‘state of yoga’ when you are enlightened. That is called ‘Moksha‘ and is the main goal of every element of yoga we are practicing. Like coloring Mandala’s to tame the monkey mind, chanting mantra’s for inner strength and eating Sattvic to fill the prana, are all part of ‘yoga’. With all these instruments, we learn to have control over our thoughts, senses and emotions. Thoughts, words and actions are becoming one. Body, mind & soul are forming a perfect balance of loving energy. The main goal is to get rid of all our impurities, so that the only thing that is left is our pure soul JivAtma in a state of Samadhi (in between thoughts). And our soul is part of the Source and is pure love. We have to become pure love or prana, to merge into God who is also pure love or prana.

Yoga is ‘becoming your real self again’ by connecting with JivAtma. Pure as a child of breathtaking unconditional love. For that we have to love more. And for that, we have to open our hearts again. All the walls, negative patterns, habits and energy blocks of emotions have to be solved to find a way to our hearts. That is why yoga is called ‘the only art to open the heart‘.

The path of Jnana, Karma & Bhakti Yoga, takes you step by step to strengthen the heart with inner reflection, self love and love for others; then you are ‘self-healing’ with love. You will take a deep Divine dive into ‘yoga of the mat’ into consciousness. With the mysterious yoga as described in Ancient Vedic knowledge, which is absolutely linked to modern life. So if you are practicing yoga for a while or you are just starting; by reading and living the Bhagavad Gita you become a strong, independent, stable, happy, open, healthy, loving and balanced person! Namasté and God bless you!

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