The first 3 steps towards healing

The best way to self healing is to take one step at the time on the path of yoga, and to have a lot of patience. Though it is possible to take a shortcut on this interesting road of self-realization: turn inwards. Look for healing inside, not outside yourself. These are the first 3 steps to healing and happiness.

First of all, you have to change the way you think and really believe that you can heal yourself from any type of disease! Our body, mind and soul are an amazing natural healing force and can even heal other persons. We are straight wonders from heaven! Every symptom is a ‘sign from the subconscious’ that you’ve lost the path to Moksha; our universal dharma to live a loving life. So with illness you get a strong message to get back on track in life. Back to love, which has the same energy vibration as the life giving energy prana. If you learn to listen to that message of the soul, you start walking on the right path of self healing.

The second step is to change your lifestyle drastically. The best Yoga Lifestyle is to live ‘Sattvic‘; light, natural, healthy, vegetarian, organic, non alcohol, non chemicals and a lot of raw food. In balance with nature. Be loving to yourself. Love yourself. Nurture yourself. Learn to listen to your intuition and not live by the senses. Be in nature and feel the elements. Nature, natural food and the elements are a straight ticket to the healing energy of the Higher Intelligence! This is an instant cure, because it fills all your chakra’s with new, fresh energy or prana. 

The third step is to meditate daily. Take some time for yourself, be less in ‘maya‘ and turn inwards. The only way to be able to listen to your intuition or your true inner self, is to be ‘in between thoughts’. That is the main goal of meditation; there you’ll find the highway to the Higher Energy. So it is important to reduce. Reduce stress, reduce television, reduce all kinds of activities, reduce desires, reduce anger, reduce fear and ignorance.

By controlling your breath while meditating, you are able to control your thoughts. Those are linked to your emotions and determine your actions. Energy of heavy thoughts, negative emotions and bad eating habits, lower the level of prana in your body, which causes blocks in the energy that flows through the chakras; that can cause any type of symptom. With light food, meditation, self consciousness and love, your thoughts and energy will become light. Heavy energy makes place for prana or love. That means your are healing with love. Body, mind & soul will be healthy again.

Namasté and God bless you.



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