Super foods from ancient times!

Dried fruits like these lovely pears from the organic market, are amazingly popular nowadays. Of course they contain less vitamins and a lot less prana than fresh fruits, but it is still very healthy to eat them on a regular base. Over 5000 years ago in the Ancient Vedic times dried fruits were used in every day life. It was a perfect way to preserve the crops and eat fruits during the whole year. The drying process was quick and cheep under the bright sunshine. Dried fruits contain a lot of minerals, iron and calcium. They can prevent disease because they are a true antioxidant. A perfect alternative to live Sattvic and natural, by preserving the food that Mother Earth is giving us. It is a perfect alternative for healthy ‘snacking’ without chemicals or fabric stuff. Most kids really love them, that makes it a perfect replacement for candy and white sugar!

The longer they dry, the more natural ‘good sugar’ they contain. Sometimes it is very nice to get a booster of energy during the day from super foods with for example raisins after yoga practice or figs when you need to concentrate for a longer period of time. And dates are perfect to sweeten a pie, smoothy or desert. Dried fruits are the ‘New Style Candy’ and super healthy!

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