High Sensitivity and yoga

As a child psychologist and a high sensitive person myself, this subject really comes from the heart. One out of 4 children has a form of high sensitivity these days, that means that a huge amount of children absorb all the energy of their surroundings! And our lifestyles have changed a lot during these last decades; we are so busy and stressful! So our kids are busy and stressful too! They reflect exactly what is going on in the minds of every person in the family! They are a mirror.

If you look at high sensitivity from a human, earthly and ‘ego’ perspective, you see a child that is hyperactive, dreaming during the day and has very sensitive senses. They react supersensitive on other people and they have a lot of compassion and empathy.

If you consider high sensitivity from a ‘Gods perspective’ or in a spiritual way, you are able to see a great soul in every high sensitive person. God has a special purpose with the child; to bring love to the world. When something or somebody is not in line with that, they react in a sensitive way, because they simply do not understand anything that is ‘not love’.

To bring the message of love, these exceedingly gifted kids have amazing skills to propagate love and affection. Mostly they have extraordinary talents in fine arts and music; easy ways to transmit the message of love. And of course they have this highly developed sixth sense. Not many people understand this, so they expose these children too much to outside stimulus and impulses at a young age.

These special children are comparable with the highly developed souls that lived more than 5000 years ago, when people were much smarter, balanced and loving. God has to bring these souls to this era of Kali, because he needs love keepers, to balance the energy again! But, if they are exposed to so much stress and negative energy in their surroundings, they are also removed from their Kundalini, their Soul, their love, their purity. This will distract them from their goal in life and that can give a lot of frustration, which is often not understood by anyone in their environment.

The only way to cope with this is to live a super healthy yoga lifestyle, in which children learn how to deal with energy. And for that, they need to understand energy. Once the parents and children understand Sathya, the principle that we are all a form of love-energy or prana, lives will change for the better. With a Sattvic lifestyle, with meditation and yoga, with mantra singing and affirmations, children can learn to change this so called ‘weakness’ into a strength. Negative energy, with low frequencies will flow off and make place for positive, loving and light (high frequency) energy; happiness is the perfect energetic protection! This will help them to be themselves, to get in touch with their inner love and to live their dharma; the reason why they are here. They all have their own special, unique, sacred message from God to bring love. Their talents will show the way to that specific dharma. This is beyond ‘being authentic’ or ‘finding your authentic self’, this is of a much greater goal; these children are the highest instruments of God himself.

Instead of problematize and diagnose these children, we as adults have to start to see these beautiful high sensitive children as ‘who they are’, and not as ‘different from others’. It is time to see ‘different’ as a blessing instead of a problem. In a couple of years everybody will be ‘like that’. So it is important that we learn in early stages to understand these special, wonderful souls! We have to understand that these children need rest, protection and a lot of structure in daily life. A lot of love and a possibility to be who they truly are; love. God. When they are close to their Source, they will be balanced on all levels, body, mind & soul. They will feel healthy, strong, loved and happy!  Ready to radiate their Divine message into the world…

Namasté and God bless you!



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