A lovely Sattvic winter meal

It is always such a great pleasure to go to the organic market and find amazing new fruits and vegetables. This winter season I found a lot of nice different green leaves, which are according to the Sattvic lifestyle, the best you can eat. They contain a lot of iron and are a perfect antioxidant. Especially today’s favorite: Silverbeet. It is very healthy and it has a unique and a bit strange ‘bite’. It looks like paksoi but it tastes completely different; the white part like beetroot and the green leaves like spinach!

Every day I just look what’s in my fridge and what has to be eaten first and then intuitively I start the cooking with some nice Bhajan music in the background. I love to sing while making dinner! The soup you see on the photo was made in a couple of minutes and contains half a cauliflower, some white carrots and green and yellow paprika, which are normally pretty expensive at my marketplace, but they had to be sold quick and were offered for 50 cent each; perfect for my winter soup. I heated a little bit of coconut oil in a stockpot and put in some shopped red pepper and fresh ginger. Then I put the veggies and some salt, pepper and organic veggie & herbs broth. I added some Thai curry spices, a nice amount of coriander and deglazed it with some water. After a couple of minutes boiling I blended the soup and it was ready and delicious!

For the filled tomato I just chopped the Silverbeet and baked it with the soft containing of the tomato and added some lime juice, coconut sugar, sesame seeds, salt and pepper. I put the filling back into the tomato and heated it for 10 minutes in the oven. This would have been lovely with some melted cheese on top, and mashed potatoes aside, but I am detoxing because of the strong thirteenth full moon of this year; a beautiful spiritual awakening time! I love to do a lot of meditation at moments like this, even in the cold night outside under the full moon. So in this case it is better for me to eat light and vegan, to be able to feel the strong lunar energy: much better to take off 😉

Bon apetite! Namasté. God bless you.



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