Ramanujan; God of Science

Srinivasa Ramanujan (translated as ‘Rama’s little brother’) was born in 1887 in India and the most gifted mathematician that ever lived. In his short life he contributed more to science than any other of his colleagues in history. Recently a beautiful film about his life ‘The man who knew infinity’ was released. The talented Dev Patel played the role of Ramanujan. In the film we see that the man was as poor as anyone could get, but came to England because of his extraordinary gifts in mathematics. He dedicated his life to create very complicated ‘infinite series’ and ‘continued fractions’, which nobody in the whole world could do. He always felt that God had a plan with him, therefor he got these exceptional talents. Following your talents brings you to your personal dharma, which is always part of the Universal Dharma to bring love. So Ramanujan, left his whole life and wife in India and went to cold Europe to share his gifts.

As described in his own words it was his God, the deity Lakshmi or Namagiri who gave him his remarkable ideas during meditation; in the state of Samadhi, in between thoughts. That is where the connection with the Higher Energy lies. Strongly following his intuition he was hardly understood in Cambridge and he did not really understand the professors neither. “An equation for me has no meaning,” he once said, “unless it expresses a thought of God.” Completely uncomfortable between the English rational, atheists, he lived there for 5 years to give all his knowledge to the most prestigious university of that time.

The English were amazingly surprised: how could a ‘poor Indian man’ be such a talented genius? Ramanujan only wanted to give his beautiful presents from God to the world and he encountered ego of men, selfishness, racism and even strong aggression from his colleagues. He wanted to give them more and more new formulas which he constantly got from his deity. But the professors hold him back, because they ‘needed proof’ of his old work; otherwise they were not able to understand his findings.

Being antagonized, and a lack of healthy vegetarian food during the war, he became ill; tuberculosis. He got some of the recognition he earned in England and then got back to India and his family. He was of poor health and died a year later at the age of 32. Why telling you this remarkable story?

Ramanujan not just incarnated to give continued fractions to all those smart professors, though nowadays they were able to proove all of his 3.900 innovations in mathematics, which he left during his short life. All of his findings seem to be correct and almost impossible to invent with the human brain. He single handed changed the whole world by his great inventions! And because of his way of being, scientists nowadays understand that at the end of mathematics, at the end of the ‘logical’, there is infinity; God.

The quantum physics is based on this principle and they are finding the missing answers of science logics in ‘spirituality’. Ramanujan nowadays is a hero for scientists and holy men, because he connects the two in his one person, just like spirituality and science were one, in earlier days hundreds of years ago.

Why did God choose to put a man in poor India, a man who was even living starvation, an exceptional genius, a man who did not want to do anything else than give generously to the world, a man that was a strict Hindu, a loving and sweat spiritual guy, a man who was humble and shy; what was His goal?

When you do not follow your dharma, you get all kinds of signals from God. Everything happens for a reason. Every physical or even mental symptom, every experience, will be focused then, on getting you back on track in life. Ramanujan was hold back to be able to live is dharma. If we look what happened to him; he died of tuberculosis. Analyzing what this type of disease wants to tell us; ‘feeling deeply desperate’ can teach us more.

Ramanujan was frustrated and sad because the whole situation was making him literally sick. ‘What proof do you need?’ he said. ‘It is written, so it is proved’. He translated the voice of God in the 9th dimension with a pen on paper into the 2nd dimension; for him that was the only proof that was necessary, seeing the fact that for him God is truth (Sathya), intuition is truth. This is how the Veda’s were written too and is called ‘Shruti, that which was heard‘. The English never understood this. Their strongly preconceived egos were actually refusing an amazingly beautiful gift from God with their unseemly behavior towards ‘a spiritual, different man’.

In India Ramanujan had no paper to write his formulas, he mostly did it on stones in his temple…. the math was inside of him and he felt that he needed to release it! And in England there was an overload of paper, but he was not allowed to write. ‘I don’t want to die with all this inside of me’. He never could fully live his dharma, the goal that God had in mind for him…. so God took him back? Is it that simple?

I think God did not send him primarily for giving these outstanding ‘infinite series’ and ‘continued fractions’. God never fails and he has reached a much higher goal with Ramanujan’s life with a very clear message: never judge a man on his appearance; we are all a body, a mind and a soul, no matter if we come from Japan, Canada or Brazil. For our soul ‘race, gender or social status’ does not exist. In our core being we are all the same; our soul energy, which is pure love. And God will continue sending these exceedingly rare souls, incarnations of the Vedic Gods, to our material world, until we get the message! After the ‘poor’ Jesus, after the ‘poor’ Gandhi, after the ‘poor’ Shirdi Baba and many more: who comes next?

What if Ramanujan had lived in nowadays flourishing times of an independent India, in which Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi can say; “A son of a poor man is standing in front of you today. This is the strength of a democracy.” A man who is extraordinary gifted in bringing his country to a whole knew level, with the focus on stimulating talents of young people, so that they have the chance to live up their potential and reach their dharma! The chance Ramanujan, Rama’s little brother, never had.

Because of the great struggles in the past of all those remarkable minds like Tagore, Ramanujan and Gandhi, India got independent and the largest democracy in the world. And with Modi as the ‘captain of their ship’, India is becoming one of the most powerful, beautiful, exceeding and spiritual example nations of the world. Namasté. God bless you.

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