Tagore’s magic

‘You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long’. Rabindranath Tagore

Mesmerized I watched these words of Tagore for a long time. I knew his name, I knew his music and I knew about his special student-focused school, but I never red one of his poems or quotes until recently. These were his first words to me and they got stuck for a long time. I could not take my eyes of them. These words are so amazingly profound and represent real, endless, unconditional love. As if he was talking about me personally: I must admit I sometimes love to talk of ‘nothing’. He might have written those words in his era, especially for me at this moment. ‘Time’ does not really exist; all ages are ‘already existing clouds of energy’ wandering through the universe. As if he was looking through me from his time to mine. As if he understood me completely without knowing me. As if he had felt my energy of love wandering through his time. As if he had traced the signal and loved me back his whole life. As if he is the master of ‘living in the moment’. As if he is able to enjoy every small bit of energy coming to him in every single day. I felt his intense love flowing from the screen, touching my heart instantly. I could think about those few words the whole day. It was enough input for my brain to be occupied for hours. Every word I felt in every fiber of my physical and astral being.

And then I saw pictures of him while searching for more of Tagore’s magic. I felt his pain and agony of that period in which Kaliyuga’s energy is taking over and his eager to bring love to the world. To open the hearts of people. I saw pictures of him with Einstein but also with Gandhi. What a great and huge epoch to live in; with those 2 as best friends!!! I wonder how that would have been like… At the same time I realize that Einstein was besides being a profound and deep thinker, also very spiritual; would that have been because of his friend Rabindranath Tagore? Behind a lot of ‘big things’ in history, I find that ‘something or somebody from mysterious India’ is behind it.

The whole modern medicine is based on India’s Ayurvedic knowledge about considering illness in a ‘natural’, instead of a ‘supernatural’ way. According to Hippocrates (the founder of modern medicine) we can only heal by living more in nature close to the elements, by living hygienic and by eating fresh fruits and vegetables; the basic Vedic principles for a healthy body & mind. But also our entire counting system of numbers came from India before the Arabs took it to Europe. The ancient Indian times 5000 years ago were flourishing and a lot of deep knowledge about mankind spread the world from there; it is the oldest way of living ‘culture’ and it is full of valuable awareness that we could use nowadays to heal as a mankind. Meditation and yoga were first described in these books. All life secrets are written down in the Veda’s and these oldest scriptures ever found are priceless; they can restore love again! Tagore’s poems are mostly based on this principle of unconditional love as our Source known as ‘Sathya’, truth or just ‘God’. No wonder he became instantly famous all over the world. His words are pleating for more love for every human being;

‘I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, in numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever’. Rabindranath Tagore

It gives an amazingly happy feeling to be able to deeply find love in apparently small things. From special persons like Tagore who lived ages ago; seeing a picture, a poem, hearing a song or watching a painting can bring you the feeling of true unconditional breathtaking love! As if the love energy is floating through the universe and you are able to pick it up by the same frequency of Divinity. It’s not always in a physical gift, a kiss or a hug. In a marriage of 50 years, in siblings or parents: it is everywhere! It is the most blissful way of living, to be able to observe and give true love constantly; it brightens your path to Moksha! Live in the moment. Live in love. Namasté. God bless you!

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