The power of the pen

The other day I had this amazing dream, in which a holy famous guru from India, came to me and said: ‘Use the power of the pen’. I knew right away that I had to start writing this blog. To know ‘sathya‘ the truth is one thing, but to transmit it into words is another. Writing is an art that I have discovered recently as part of my ‘dharma‘. I always like to think of the ‘flow of words’ and how they would be able to stick into the mind of the reader: ‘easy like the waves’ would be a good motto. Simple but deep. And maybe ‘thoroughly’ if you are interested in knowing more about the true depths of life.

Those depths are to be found in the classical Vedic knowledge of ancient India. Holy words explain us the secrets of a healthy life. The secrets of a happy life. The secrets of a wholesome earth and Sattvic lifestyle. The magic word is just ‘love’. Love for yourself, love for others and love for natural laws and our wonderful nature. By living a loving lifestyle we become in a state which is called ‘yoga’ with a perfect balance between body, mind & soul.

By reading (and living) the Veda’s like the Bhagavad Gita, it is possible to come on the road to independently heal yourself; the power of the pen can do that. Don’t look for outward solutions to cure but turn inwards in stillness and serenity; all the answers are there…. You just have to connect with the Divine Source inside of you, which is pure love. And by accumulating more love in your life, this divine energy is awakened again; particles with the same energy attract. The love in your life will awaken the love in your Kundalini like a magnet! Prana, life energy, will flow into your energetic system of chakras. Energetic blocks, which are causing the physical symptoms, will flow off. Complete health and happiness will appear…

There is nothing more liberating than being able to come into the flow of life, in which you have control over your own health and happiness; love can do that! Namasté. God bless you!

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