Best natural antibiotics: turmeric-honey paste

Your number one Sattvic home remedy should be turmeric-honey paste: it is a super strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. You can make it with very little effort: just mix turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon with some good quality of honey. With the ground black pepper the turmeric will be better absorbed by our digestive system. And … More Best natural antibiotics: turmeric-honey paste

Deepen your meditation and yoga practice with Yoga Therapy

Most of our time we spent searching for love and happiness outside ourselves, though real bliss and unconditional love are right there inside of us: it is who we truly are, it’s our soul-energy which is of pure divine love.  After years of soul-searching and almost two decades of experience with coaching, therapy and natural healing … More Deepen your meditation and yoga practice with Yoga Therapy

The Moon & the mind

In two days the moon will be full again. And we all know how important the moon is for our existence: without the moon there would be no seasons and even female fertility depends on the moon. Our life is possible because of the moon. Though not many of us know that the moon was … More The Moon & the mind